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why do so many anti-sj people think that the goal of social movements is to eradicate hate? 

hate is not the problem. hate, despite what Gandhi says, can even be cathartic when you finally aim it at your oppressors instead of yourself.

hate wasn’t even the beginning of the problem. we didn’t enslave and murder POC because of hate or anger. we did it out of a desire for power and a basic disrespect for their humanity. when you look at pictures of white townspeople attending a lynching, you don’t see hate in their faces. you see mild amusement. 

you don’t need hate as a motivator for evil when there are no consequences for hurting people who aren’t like you. all you need is minor inconvenience and a faulty conscience. 

additionally, the idea that hate is the stem of all the violence and inequality in the world is really messed up because it implies that the oppressed did something to make people hate them rather than them just being the victims of a power system that exclusively favored straight white cis men.

it also lets people get away with the idea that just because they aren’t filled with rage every time they see something different, they can’t be part of the problem, because that’s how they interpret the rhetoric of “wiping out hate”.

hate is not the issue here. that’s a misleading kindergarten version of the struggle. the issue is unequal power structures that stay alive just through inertia and indifference that will steamroll over people no matter whether your hearts are filled with love or hate.

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